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Hailing from the ancient city of Kandy, Royal Crown is a name syonymous with only the finest gemstones in Ceylon! With a pioneering kowledge of the industry together with proud family traditions and heritage passed through generations, we bring you precious gemstones that can be infused to flair into designing novel jewels.

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The Island of Gems

Sri Lanka is an island, long considered a natural utopia to travellers and traders, has consistently remained a true Island of Gems, a centre for sapphires, and indeed one of the "finest islands in the world".

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Ceylon Sapphires:
Loved by the royal Family

Sri Lanka always had its dazzling reputations for sapphires and rubies. The Sri Lankan sapphires have been long associated with the British royal families.

British Royal Gems

The British Royal Jewel is a 105 carat Chrysoberyl cat’s eye of exceptional quality, discovered in Sri Lanka.

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Bismarck Sapphires

A Bismarck Sapphire discovered in the 1920s was gifted to Countess Mona von Bismarck, the fashion icon of that era, by her third husband Harrison Williams during their honeymoon in 1926. Mona von Bismarck donated the stone to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. in 1967.

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Princess Diana's engagement ring

The engagement ring made for the hands of Princess Diana in 1981 when engaged to Prince Charles is the most known Ceylon Sapphire of all. The stone is now inherited by Prince William and presently held by Princess Kate Middleton as their engagement ring.

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